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Timmins, ON – A buzz has been stirring for a while now in the downtown thanks to local entrepreneurs Raj Mohanty and Terrence McGaghran. Armed with a penchant for bad puns and a love for great food, they teamed up to conceive Holy Cow Indian Cuisine. “Choosing the name and location was a COWculated MOOve”, says McGaghran. “We wanted to create a fun brand that stands out from the rest of the HERD. The silly puns were an added bonus and really got people engaged in the fun on our social media.”

Despite the funny name and clever cow puns, they insist that the food is taken very seriously. “This needed to be done correctly from the start,” says Mohanty. Finding good chefs to help with the menu development was paramount! The food needs to
be delicious, fresh and authentic.”

A lot of research went into the chef recruitment and menu development process. “It really is a science in many ways”, says McGaghran. “A lot of it is very process-driven and there is a large margin for error if you’ve never been trained properly. The whole process has definitely given me an even greater appreciation for the cuisine.”

“We’ve done two trips to India, several Skype meetings and a few cooking demos”, says Mohanty. “We’ve talked to a lot of experts in the field and we’re quite confident with the menu we’ve developed. It has been quite the experience.”

Asked why they decided to go with Indian food, McGaghran says; “Timmins needs more variety. People travel a lot and get to taste different foods in larger cities and abroad. People are a lot more open minded and educated on different foods as a result. I also think most people have grown past the misconceptions that all Indian food is spicy too. There are a wide range of tastes and flavours to please any palate. Soon people will be able to satisfy those cravings without waiting for their next trip out of town. Although we have a small dining area for those who want to sit down for a quick meal, we’re keeping our operations as simple as possible with a
focus on take-out and delivery. It’s very casual. You don’t have to be a fancy sitdown restaurant to offer great food. We’ll let the product speak for itself.”

With a grand opening slated Friday, June 23rd, Holy Cow has already started serving the public with limited hours and getting rave reviews from satisfied customers. “We’re currently accepting walk-ins Monday to Saturday between 11-2pm for lunch and 4-8pm for dinner. After our grand opening, we’ll move towards more regular hours. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re pretty confident that you’ll love it ‘til the cows come home”, jokes McGaghran. In the meantime people can get news and updates and plenty more bad puns on their Facebook page at